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About the Artist

Anita Badami is an artist with a passion to paint natural landscapes and fauna. She is self-taught, painting in acrylics on canvas since 2005. Creating art in various forms has been an intrinsic part of her, since childhood.  She earned a post-graduation degree in Communication and Journalism from India, and studied Applied Graphics in California, USA. She worked as a Graphic designer (print and Web) for an e-commerce company in CA, USA and for a Retail Design and Merchandising firm in India, for a brief period, later quitting to pursue her true passion- Fine art Painting. 

​Nature inspires her to capture its many moods, vibrant colors and magic of light onto canvas. Her keen observation, attention to details and patience has helped to a great extent in developing her art over the years. Her style is representational realism. Painting landscapes and fauna are what she enjoys most. She loves Plein-air painting and creates opportunities to paint outdoors while on family holidays. Her paintings are based on sketches and photographs taken during travels.

She  takes  advantage  of her skills in Graphic Design for  deciding compositions  for new paintings. She says- “These software have eased the process of conceptualizing paintings even before they are created on canvas. Be it arranging various elements in a scene, scaling the elements up or down, playing with different values and temperatures, deciding color relationships between the elements in a scene; they are all executed through the graphic software, I learnt in college.”

Her paintings have been acquired by relatives and friends over the years. She works from her home studio and lives with her husband and son in Bangalore, India. She connects with her audience through Facebook and explains the process of making each painting through her Blog.


Her other interests include (1) Nature & Wildlife Photography which is evolving (Instagram id- @anitabadami_photography) (2) Travel journalling/writing (3) Wildlife Safari trips

Artist Statement

“Painting, for me, is a means of connecting deeply with nature and depicting its  beauty on canvas in an artistic way. It’s meditative and brings me immense joy. I like to paint with my heart, inspired by the many scenic locations that have touched me. Painting fulfills and consumes me. 

Whenever I'm painting a landscape, I am transported to that place and time, and when done, enjoy the feeling of having lived that place. Through my landscape art, I hope my viewers connect with the beauty of the natural world and feel uplifted. Through my still life art, I hope they discover beauty in ordinary things that they may miss seeing everyday. If my painting is able to draw them to its world, slow them down, let them take a visual walk, and engage their senses even momentarily, then I consider my art totally worth creating it. 

My art is evolving and I want to continue making paintings which are soulful and resonate with every viewer in a cheerful way."

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